puppy day care

Puppy care & house visits covering Caversham, Emmer Green & the surrounding area.


Adding to your family with a puppy is one of life’s pleasures! However there will be times when you are unable to be there for your puppy’s constant needs. I provide bespoke and professional puppy visits which are tailored to your puppies needs according to their age and temperament.


I have a real passion for working with Puppies! I always advise people that puppy visits are usually more beneficial for younger pups than day care because puppies need lots of sleep!! Up to 18 hours a day! By having visits we can ensure puppy gets their important rest time but when visits do take place they are used not only to cover the basics like, feeding, comfort breaks and playtime but also as a time to reinforce any training you are doing with them. I also like to bring some extra training into the mix as well and can help advise on other activities you can be doing with your puppy that will help in the long term.


Common areas I cover are how to reduce biting, impulse control, getting puppies to “leave/drop” things, recall and lose lead walking.


I only use Positive reinforcement and like to use puppies daily food to help shape behaviours.


Once puppy has completed all their jabs I can help socialise them whilst you are out.


Many people feel that socialising means introducing your puppy to every dog you possible can! This is not the case! It’s about introducing them slowly to environments at a pace, which is comfortable to them! Simply sitting in a park or coffee shop letting them watch the world go by is far more beneficial then taking them on long walks which can damage the growth plates of young pups.


Getting them used to busy roads, vehicles, people, pushchairs, bikes, and airplanes is just as important as ensuring they greet dogs in a calm and respectful way.


It is important for your puppy to meet other dogs providing its done in a safe way and that the other dog is happy to be greeted by an overexcited puppy!


I encourage lots of sniffing on our mini walks and getting them to experience new sights and sounds. I have a real passion for canine enrichment and incorporate as much as I can in every moment I spend with dogs of all ages!


Once they are of a suitable age and are confident travelling in a vehicle and have good recall they can then possibly join one of my puppy walks.


I have worked with numerous clients’ puppies and all have come through to be excellent well-balanced dogs. Breeds include German shepherds, Shiba Inu, Labradors, Cocker spaniels, Springer spaniels, Cockapoos, Collies, Terriers, Huskies and Retrievers.


I have an extensive list of puppy tips and entertaining ideas to help keep those excited bundles busy so whatever your needs are we can make a plan to suit both you and your puppy whilst maintaining a competitive price.


So if this service sounds like what you are looking for please contact me to arrange an initial consultation to discuss your needs.


As well as puppy visits if you have an older dog that needs a garden visit during the day please get in contact!


Email heidi_awford@hotmail.com or call/ text me on 07900 432583


I’m likely to be with dogs between 10-3pm weekdays so obviously unable to take phone calls so texts are better during those hours!

Just the absolute best!!! We needed someone who would treat our puppy like their own and that’s exactly what Heidi does. She understands the development process of puppies and has so many tips and tricks to help with bringing a puppy up she has been invaluable! From socialising to play biting she knows it all!!
We would highly recommend her if anyone is looking for the best puppy carer!